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  • Birds
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  • 1970s
Accession # Identifier Title Type Subject
  • 81.1.164
1158Barn Owl
  • Carving, Life-size
  • Birds
Life size; adult perched sidelong on driftwood piece attached to oblong carved wooden base, toes three front one back, head turned to right shoulder; glass eyes, metal feet, carved, burned and painted detail. Signed "Gilley '76" on base. Marked "Barn Owl made for Addie Gilley, 1976, by Wendell Gilley" on underside of base.
  • 81.1.17
1014Barn Owl
  • Carving, 1/5 Life-size
  • Birds
1/5 life size; on natural wooden base, hunched over as if watching for prey, toes positioned, 3 point back instead of natural 2:2; glass eyes, painted and carved detail. Signed: "Gilley '76" on right of base. Underside marked "Barn Owl by W.H. Gilley, Addie Gilley 1976."