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  • 89.3.1
1274Herring Gulls
  • Carving, Multiple Birds, Miniatures
  • Birds
  • Carvings
L-shaped driftwood branch serves as base for three gulls, positioned (left to right) taking off, raising wings, standing erect ; birds show totally different bill carvings, and the similar but minutely different paint indicates a transitional period (1940's?); unsigned
  • 81.1.135
1183Herring Gulls
  • Carving, Miniature
  • Birds
3 miniature adults on driftwood base ; far left gull taking flight on toes, wings raised, beak agape; middle gull standing, wing partially raised, partially folded; right side gull standing, wings folded ; all with painted details, metal feet ; signed on side of base: "Gilley",