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1505Wendell Gilley Museum Board of Trustees
  • Image, Photograph
  • Structures, Civic, Exhibition, Museum
Group portrait of Wendell Gilley Museum Board with Museum Director Nina Gormley in front of the museum building. Back row, left to right: Sarah Elliott, Carol West, John Wilmerding, Trustee Emeritus, Ashley Bernhard, Nina Gormley, Executive Director/Curator, Clare Shepley, Jennifer Nolan, Roc Cavino, Elizabeth Hughes, Douglass Gott. Front row, left to right: Barbara Rockefeller, Steven Rockefeller, Kate Briggs, Robert Hinkley, Eleanor Hoagland. Not pictured: Arthur Rogers. [show more]
1440Letter to Wendell Gilley Museum from Donald M. Fenner, August 26, 2001
  • Document, Correspondence
  • Carvings
Describes Wendell Gilley's visit to Herkimer New York where in 1967 Fenner invited him to be guest speaker at the National Woodcarvers Association Woodcarving Show held there. This letter is accompanied by photos of Wendell Gillley at the show.